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5 Reasons to Shop Koala

Why Koala Consignment?

1. Sustainable Shopping

One of the top reasons to shop Koala Consignment is because of how eco-friendly we are! We give people a place to take their children‘s clothes that, for whatever reason, they don’t need anymore. You may be assuming that the only reason someone would bring their clothes to a consignment store would be because they are old and worn out, but this would be a mistake. More often than not, we find people take clothes that are in good or even unworn condition to Koala Consignment. It’s more likely that someone is bringing their clothes to a consignment store because it’s something their child has outgrown or never got around to wearing. It is because of these reasons that you can often find great, nearly-new clothing at Koala Consignment. When you buy consignment, you’re buying clothes that may have otherwise been put in a landfill. You’re also reducing the need to produce more clothes and therefore helping to reduce the pollution caused by the manufacturing industry.

2. Shop Guilt Free

Consignment stores offer great deals. There are consignment stores that specialize in offering designer clothes, vintage clothes, kids clothes and combinations of these. That means that you don’t have to choose between buying the brands you love and saving money! If you normally buy name-brand or designer clothing, purchasing those same brands at a consignment store means that you can buy two or three times as much clothes for the same amount of money you were spending before. This is especially good news if you normally find yourself going over budget anyway. A lot of consignment stores even have unworn clothing that still have the tags attached. That means that you could buy a designer outfit, unworn with tags for a fraction of the original price! Why wouldn’t you want to try consignment shopping?

3. Surprising Finds

Part of the fun of consignment shopping is you never know what you’ll find. Consignment shops are constantly getting in new inventory so no two shopping trips are ever alike. It’s fun to go shopping not knowing what to expect - this makes it that much more exciting when you start racking up those unique finds! If you have a family and you’re constantly shopping for others, this makes consignment shops all the more great. You can find awesome outfits for the kids and shop for yourself too, all while staying under budget.

4. Get More for your Clothes

So we’ve told you why consignment shops are great for buying clothes, but they’re also great for selling clothes! That’s right, finding your new favorite consignment shop not only means finding a great new place to shop, but also finding a great new way to clean out your closet (and make room for more clothes). Consignment shops are a great place to earn some extra cash for those clothes that you no longer wear. Another unique feature of selling to consignment shops is many of them offer great store credit programs. This means that you can trade in your clothes for a credit towards your next purchase. Many stores will even give you more for your clothes if you choose to do it for store credit - hello more shopping!

5. Perfect for Growing Kids

Kids and babies look cute in everything, so it’s easy to overbuy when it comes to clothes shopping. The only problem with this is kids grow so fast! So many parents find themselves with more clothes than their kids are able to wear and before they know it their child has grown into a new size. This is why consignment shopping is perfect for children’s clothes. You can stock up on cute outfits without the guilt of paying full-price for something they may grow out of soon. An added bonus is that you can take advantage of the consignment shop cycle and even sell back their gently used clothes when you go back for more!

If you’ve never tried consignment shopping, now is the time! Discover the consignment shops in your area and check out what they have to offer. It’s likely that you’ll find the same brands and styles that you’re used to paying full-price for! Consignment shopping is a fun way to keep your closet filled with new-to-you styles at a price that makes stocking up easy. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your whole family - consignment shopping is a great way to save money, reduce waste and keep your wardrobe fresh.


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